IBM Autodiscovery

Access Protocols by Array

Minimum Permissions for Storage Array Autodiscovery

Follow the steps in the sections below to set up users or roles with minimum read-only permissions that you can use when you create storage array autodiscovery jobs.

IBM V7000/StoreWize

  1. Log into the IBM V7000 Management Console.
  2. Click on Access → Users Panel.
  3. Click on Create Group.
  4. Select one of the role from the available roles:
    • SecurityAdmin
    • Admin
    • ExportAdmin
    • StorageAdmin
    • SnapAdmin
    • SystemAdmin
    • CopyOperator
    • Monitor
    • Service
    • Enahanced

      Select the minimum Monitor role.
  5. Click Finish and save the Group.
  6. Create a new User and add the User to the Group.