Netflow Collector

Netflow Collector – Device42

Device42’s Netflow Collector is a powerful tool used to add continuously discovered network communications details to the auto-discovered information from your environment.


The collector can be downloaded from and can be run from the command line.

Usage of d42-netflow-collector-windows-v100.exe:
  -addr string
        netflow listen address (default "")
        show netflow info
  -h string
        D42 host name
  -i int
        interval in seconds between sends data to D42 (default 300)
  -ignore-ip string
        ignore IPs
  -ignore-port string
        ignore ports
        display live entries
        display OK live entries
        display NOK live entries
  -p string
        D42 password
        prints data
  -u string
        D42 username

Running Netflow Collector

To run the collector, open the command prompt and navigate to the directory it is stored in. run:

d42-netflow-collector-windows-v100.exe -h https://yourdevice42url -u D42UserName -p D42Password

This will start the listener on port 2055 (unless a different port is specified), and will begin collecting the data sent to this device from your netflow-enabled devices.

On the switch or other netflow enabled device you are using, point the netflow output to the IP address of the server running the Device42 netflow collector.

The collector will capture and send data to Device42 in 5-minute increments [by default], which you can change/customize using the -i command switch.

Device42 receives netflow data and attempts to associate it with known services (services known to Device42). If there are no services with which to associate the collected data, Device42 will retain one million rows of the most recent data, discarding the oldest information as needed. The data in this million row buffer is matched against as new services are discovered.


Please contact Device42 today for a demo license ( — take netflow for a spin today!