IBM i/AS400

Creating an IBM i/AS400 Discovery Job

To add a new IBM i/AS400 discovery job, head to Discovery > HyperVisors / *nix / Windows. Create a new discovery job selecting IBM i/AS400 as the ‘Platform’:

add ibm i as400 discovery

*Note: Please do not set up an auto-discovery / scan using critical [production] account credentials! Please create a separate, dedicated account to use only for discovery.* Doing so, depending on permissions granted & configured password policies could result in account lock-out, therefore causing an otherwise completely avoidable outage.

IBM System i/AS400 Discovery Options

Job name: A name of your choosing to identify your IBM i/AS400 autodiscovery job
Remote Collector: Optionally run the discovery job from the chosen remote collector instead of the main appliance
Platform: Choose IBM i/AS400
Server: This is the FQDN/IP of the IBM i/AS400. If using FQDN, Device42 should be setup for DNS resolution (VM console, option 1)
Port: This will be 23 by default for IBM i/AS400. Only change if you are using a custom port configuration.
Username & password: Use a username with permissions on your IBM i / AS400
Debug Level : Debug On for extra debug info, useful for a support ticket.
Last status : Last run task status.
Run report: This will record what has changed in the last task.

Schedule for auto-discovery: You can schedule the discovery job to run automatically.

Setting IBM i / AS400 Permissions

IBMi/AS400 permissions requirements are configured via the following command. Have your AS400 admin run the following:


In the above IBM i / AS400 command:

$USERNAME$ = The chosen profile name being set. Substitute ‘$USERNAME$’ in the above command with the profile name of your choice.
$YOURPASSWORD$ = The password you are setting. Substitute ‘$YOURPASSWORD$’ with a strong password of your choosing.
Note: In USRCLS(*SECOFR) = [*SECOFR] may be substituted with [*USER] or [*PGMR] if desired!


AS400 Auto-discovery Details

What information does discovery gather on the AS/400 midrange compute platform?

  • Hardware Inventory – including hostname(s), IP & MAC addresses, hardware specifications, OS information
  • Dependencies
  • Services
  • Service connections

Sample IBMi/AS400 discovery output:
IBMi - AS400 discovery output sample data

AS/400 Limitations

AS400 support does not currently include:

  • Software discovery
  • Individual application discovery
  • Parts support

Note on AS/400 Discovery: AS400 discovery has been verified functional with IBM i / AS400 operating system deployments configured with Spanish language settings as of Device42 v15.10.00. AS/400 discovery should also work with other non-english locale configurations. Please let us know about your experiences with other foreign language configurations or any issues you encounter – email