Supported Hypervisors and Containers List

If you were looking for how-to instructions to get started with Hypervisor, Linux (*nix), or Windows discovery, see either:
– the Windows / Hyper-V Discovery page
– or the Linux / UNIX server auto-discovery page.

Supported Hypervisor / Container Platforms

Device42 is constantly expanding its list of hypervisor and container platforms supported by autodiscovery. For instructions on how to configure and run these discovery jobs, please refer to Hypervisor Autodiscovery. The list of supported platforms currently includes:

  • *nix
  • Cisco ASA/NX-OS
  • Citrix XenServer
  • Docker
  • Docker API
  • HPE OneView
  • HPE Simplivity
  • IBM i/AS400
  • IBM z/OS
  • KVM/libvirt
  • LXC
  • Nutanix Prism (v2.0/v1)
  • Nutanix Prism Central (v3)
  • OpenVZ
  • Oracle VM
  • oVirt/Redhat
  • VMware
  • Windows
  • WinRM

Note that both Windows & *nix (Linux/UNIX) can be found in this drop-down as well; those options are used to discover the Windows / Linux servers and/or guest instance/VMs themselves, as opposed to their hosts.

Note: If you are using a hypervisor, a container platform, or an orchestration tool you would like to see supported – please let us know! Open a support ticket or email

Notes on Docker / Docker API Autodiscovery

  • Docker API discovery returns basic container data with IPs and MAC addresses.
  • Regular Docker discovery also returns service ports.
  • By running Docker and connecting to the host, you can map connections to the container.
  • You can see on the Docker host how to get the source ports of containers, without having to login to the container to identify the connection.
  • You can use the docker top command and supply just the container ID; you would need to use sudo commands for this.
  • We support all standard Docker cloud operating systems such as EKS (AWS Kubernetes), GKE (Google Kubernetes), AKS (Azure Kubernetes), and standalone Kubernetes, as well as Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Arch Linux and Fedora.

Notes on Cisco ASA/NX OS Autodiscovery

Device42’s Cisco ASA/NX OS autodiscovery augments firewall/ASA discoveries with information gathered via SSH. If you run virtual firewall instances, Device42 will discover your virtual firewalls and list them as firewall “contexts” underneath the parent firewall. Note that this discovery method has had only limited testing.

Notes on Nutanix Autodiscovery

If you have previously ran a D42 discovery job, and are discovering new resources, then in some cases, you will need to delete and re-run to have a complete view. Note that this is a discovery workaround for the time being.