Load Balancer / F5 Autodiscovery

Autodiscovering F5 Devices / Load Balancers in Device42

Device42 now supports API discovery for Cisco ASA, Cisco UCS, Cluster discovery, and NetScaler discovery; A10 devices should also produce good output via SNMP. Discovering your load balancer virtual servers and pool members is a simple process. For all of the afformentioned devices, simply add a job under Discovery -> ACI/UCS Server/F5 for Autodiscovery.

If you’re discovering an F5, do the following, you’ll want to scan your F5 pool members via either SSH or the API, depending on the device’s OS.

  1. Start by scanning an F5 device via SNMP. Do this by adding a job under Discovery → SNMP (Make sure you configure SNMP on your F5!), and input the correct (matching) community string.

  2. After you’ve discovered via SNMP, go ahead and scan the F5 with the native F5 interface that can be found in Discovery -> UCS/ACI/F5 API Manager for Autodiscovery (Note: This requires an account w/ F5 API permissions!):

    ![Add F5 / Load Balancer Discovery](/media/images/device/hardware/Add F5_LB_UCS_Discovery.PNG)