API Imports – adding devices to racks

How-to video – adding devices to racks with API Imports

Hi, this is Marc from Device42. Let’s talk about how-to add devices to racks using API Imports. In Device42 you can add and/or update almost any data using the REST API. This same functionality has been extended to enable the import of almost any data using a simple Excel spreadsheet.

Here you see the API Import page, let’s download a sample file. Let’s take a look at the documentation for this import. Here we see the documentation for the add/update a device in a rack API call. I have entered my device data into the sample sheet – devices can be existing or new. Hardware model is optional. If the rack name is unique, building, room, and row are optional. The starting U location in required, use “auto” to assign the next available slot. After the import, we will rearrange the devices in rack layout view using drag and drop.

Let’s go ahead and import the data…choose the file, click import, the results are displayed upon completion.

Let’s take a look at the devices that were added to Rack 4. In rack layout view, devices can be rearranged using drag and drop…devices can be moved within a rack, and between racks.

This concludes our video, thanks for watching!