Adding links and other URLs to devices

How-to video – add links per device and easily access your devices via telnet, ssh, https, etc.

Hi, this is Marc from Device42. The topic of this video is device URL’s. Device URL’s enable quick and convenient access to device resources via telnet, ssh, https, ftp, etc. This feature is available for all devices, and as seen here it is located on the “Other Tab” of the device detail page.

Let’s have a look at using this feature. I have configured my system settings to open my preferred applications. For example; following an ssh link launches Putty. And this FTP link opens in the browser.

Adding URLs is simple – on the view device page click edit, then go to the Other Tab. Click Add another External Link, choose your protocol, and input the address. Assuming the defaults have not been changes, port and suffix can be left blank. Let’s save and continue, then return to the Other Tab and test our new link…

Together with the password management features in Device42, accessing your devices is now easier than ever!

This concludes this video, thanks for watching!