Transferring devices, assets, and parts to other data centers

Sometimes it is necessary to ship devices, assets, and spare parts from one building to another. This function provides a means of keeping track of which devices, assets, and parts are in transit, and for keeping a log of the receipt data and receiving party.

The list view for Transfers show all pending and completed transfers. For each transfer, you can see the user who initiated the transfer as well as the device, assets, and parts that are being transfered.

To initiate a transfer,
(1) Select the date and time the transfer will start
(2) Select the initiating user (probably you)
(3) Optionally, pick a room for the object while it is in transit. For example, you might want to define a “dummy” room named “In Transit”.
(4) Choose which devices will be transfered
(5) Choose which assets will be transfered
(6) Choose which spare parts will be transfered

Then, click ‘Save and Continue’ (or just ‘Save’).

When you click Save and Continue, you will then see the ‘Transfer Devices Status’ section populated with the Device(s) you just selected. Similarly, the Transfer Assets Status and Transfer Parts Status sections will also be populated.

In each section, there is a Received By, Received Date, and Receipt Room entry that are to be used by the receiving party to record full or partial completion of the transfer. If you select a Receipt Room, the device, asset, or spare part will be placed in that room in Device42.