Setting Time Zone and NTP

Here is brief run down on how to setup your time zone. This is probably one of the first steps you should take so that auto-discovery scheduling and log history work correctly. The virtual appliance takes the clock from virtual host, so make sure the time is correct on the host and is setup for NTP.

Set time Zone


Go to Tools > Settings > Time Setting.

Here you can select your time zone and click Apply.

Apply the time zone settings.


After you select the new time zone and apply it, go to console and restart the application. When it restarts, it will have the new time zone.

OS Level Time Settings


Use VM console menu options 6 & 7 to set time at the OS level. Here is a example of how to setup NTP.


First, enter the IP or FQDN of the NTP server. Then select ‘y’ to add the NTP server to the daily scheduled jobs.


Use option 7 to set the time zone on the OS level.

Restart Application from console.

Select Option 2 to restart the application and the new time zone settings will take effect immediately.