Bulk add Active Directory group members as Device42 users

Administrators can bulk import active directory / LDAP group members as users in device42 and assign permissions in bulk using local Device42 groups as described below.

Menu for AD integration

Menu for AD integration

Tools > Admin & Permissions > Add AD group members.
For pre-v4.0 customers: “Administrators” and “Admin Groups” from the Tools Menu has been moved to “Admins & Permissions” under Tools. “Add AD group Members” has also been added under the same tab.

Currently the sync only works for members in the AD group itself. Group members that require recursive traversal of sub-groups are not synced.

You can save a group DN properties – and it makes it easier to add new users that you add to that AD group. Just choose the saved DN group as described below and add new users.

Get a group member (or user) list via AD

Get a group member (or user) list via AD

Once you have created Active Directory Settings in device42, you can use the DN for the group (and a valid login) to get the list of all the members (see example below) in that group.
The example below is for group DN: cn=TestGrp, cn=Users,dc=device42,dc=pvt (in this example, group name TestGrp is in the Container named Users).

An example – how to get Group DN in Active Directory

An example - how to get Group DN in Active Directory

Under the group properties with “advanced features” enabled in Active Directory Users and Computers – you can go to attribute editor and copy the distinguishedName as shown in the image above.

Choose members and groups(for permission)

Choose members and groups(for permission)

In the above screen shot, the Users are the list of AD users that were displayed as a result of the choices on the prior screen.

The Groups are not AD groups. They are device42 groups.

You should select the Users that you want to be device42 administrators and move them to the right side of the Users dialog.

You should select one or more device42 groups for these users and move them to the right side of the Groups dialog.

Then, when you click the “Add…” button, the selected users will become device42 administrators and will receive the permissions of the selected groups.

Please note that all device42 users are termed “administrators”. There are no end users of device42. The only “end users” that are defined in device42 are users (or owners) of assets inventoried in device42.

As shown above, saved DN’s are available for future use