Auto Clean Feature

Auto Clean rules help you manage old and possibly stale data in Device42. If an object (e.g. a device or an ip address) has not been found by an auto-discovery job or modified by a manual effort, it may be out of service. This is especially true of public cloud objects but can also apply to objects that are behind the corporate firewall. The rules for when a particular type of object should be considered and the rules for what to do about such objects vary from organization to organization. This feature enables you to define your own rules and tell Device42 what actions should be taken.

Each rule specifies a type of object and a number of days. The combination of object type and number of days define the rule.

In the edit form, you can create an action that is triggered when an object of the type specified is found that was last updated more than the specified numbers of days ago. If Delete is checked, the object will be deleted. If Clear All IPs is checked, all IPs will be removed from the Device. Same for Connectivity. In the above example, the service level will be set of Decommissioned. Emails and webhooks can also be sent.

The Auto Clean rules run once per day. If only an email or webhook is sent but no action is taken, the email or webhook will repeat each day until an action is taken that deletes or changes the object record.