The Software menu in Device42 has 5 sub-menus:

Software: This is the Software License Management module. Here you can setup licensing models and view and track software usage based on the results of software auto-discovery or entered via spreadsheets or forms.

Services: This menu gives you access to the various services running on your Windows and Linux machines. Here you can categorize services and view which machines are running which services (also based on the results of auto-discovery or entered via spreadsheets or forms).

Impact Charts and Dependency Charts: Impact charts enable you see at a glance the impact of an outage, performance issues, or security issue on a data center object such as a building, room, rack, or device. Dependency Charts are the converse of Impact Charts. Dependency Charts start with an Application Component and show all the software and hardware components that are required for proper Application Component functioning.

Application Components: Here you can define Application Components which may have a one-to-one or one-to-many relationship with discovered services. For example, you might define your Executive Dashboard application to be composed of a web server service, an application server service, plus a database service. Application Impact Charts show the interdependencies of Software, Services, and Application Components.

Operating Systems: Here you will see a view of the various discovered operating systems (based on the results of auto-discovery or entered via spreadsheets or forms) and which devices are running which operating systems.

Certificates: Here you can track and manage your certificates, their characteristics, and their expirations.