Use custom SQL in advanced report

Quickly create an advanced report using custom SQL

Advanced Reporting in Device42, added mid-2018, empowers users to create and schedule extremely complex reports that the old reporting engine simply couldn’t handle. You can also combine all of the built-in reports and features that advanced reporting includes out-of-the-box with your own custom SQL objects to acheive an entirely new level of reporting flexibility, including leveraging SQL’s ability to pre-process / transform objects as part of your query!

  1. Head to menu: “Reports” → “Advanced Reporting”
  2. Add a new Advanced Report and give it a name.
  3. Don’t select any categories; instead, choose the “Add SQL” button at the bottom right, instead.
  4. Give your new SQL object a name, and then proceed to enter your query into the “Custom SQL Object” form. Select a unique key field from the dropdown at the bottom of the window (a unique key is required). Click OK twice:

Create advanced report with custom SQL

*You’ll notice all of the categories are now greyed out. The SQL query you provided has taken care of this, so there’s no need to choose any here!

  1. Head to the “Layout” tab. Use the report designer to format your report data by choosing placing the fields you’d like to include into the report.
  2. Click finish & it’s saved.
  3. You’re done!  You can go back and edit as you see fit. Run your report at at any time, or sort & filter further!