Save and Schedule Classic Reports

You can Save, Schedule, or Export (to Excel or CSV) reports as discussed below.

Mail server settings for scheduling reports

Use Tools > Settings > Mail server Settings to add the mail server settings. Please note that password are not saved on the page. If you are changing any field and a password is required, you will need to re-enter the password.

Understanding scheduling

All scheduling definitions are recurring. If you select specific weekdays, the report will run every week on those weekdays at the time specified.

If you select specific weeks, then the report will run every month in the specified week(s) on the specified day(s) at the specified time. For example, if you select week1 and Tuesday, it will send you a report every first Tuesday of the month at the specified time.

Also, please go to Tools > Settings > Time Settings to verify that your time settings are correct. If you need to change the time settings (other than the time zone), you will need to do this from your vm console menu options.

Adding report name and email addresses

Add a unique name for the report to save it.
You can add multiple email addresses separated by comma.

Once you click Save & Schedule, it will save the report and schedule it. Each time it runs, it will send a copy of the report to all specified email addressees.

Export Report to Excel

Many reports have the option to “Export To Excel”:

Selecting this option delivers the report in the form of an Excel Spreadsheet.

You can close this tab at any time and the report will continue to run. To view the report’s progress or download the completed report, simply head to the ‘Analytics’ Menu –> ‘Excel Reports Status’:

When you see that the report has completed, you can download the finished report by clicking the report hyperlink. If the report has not yet completed, you can cancel it from the Excel Report Status page as well.