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Jobs Summary Dash

v15.14.xx added a Jobs Dashboard that provides users actionable insight into running discovery jobs. Via the main menu, “Reports -> Jobs Dashboard”, users can get an at-a-glance overview of Device42 Discovery Job Statuses, can deep-dive into each job for more details, and can even Kill and/or Delete a running job. The dashboard has three other sub-dashboards: “Completed Jobs”, “Queue Processing Stats”, and “Other Jobs Summary”. Reference their individual sections below for information on each.

The main screen of the Jobs Dashboard looks like this:
Job Status Dashboard

Kill and Delete a Running or Hung Discovery Job

To kill a running job, or delete a job you are experiencing problems with, simply check the box next to the job name & choose “Kill and Delete selected job(s)”:
Kill and Delete running discovery job


The Jobs Summary dash was discussed above. There are also three other sub-dashboards available from the Jobs Summary page: “Completed Jobs”, “Queue Processing Stats”, and “Other Jobs Summary”.

Completed Jobs

The completed jobs page lists jobs that have run in the past and are no longer running:
Completed Jobs dashboard page

Delete or Export from Completed Jobs
Users are also able to delete a completed job from the Completed Jobs page, as well as export one or more items to a CSV. Simply check the box next to the line(s) you are interested in and choose your desired action from the “Action” dropdown. Click the ‘Lightning’ button to execute the action:

Completed Jobs Dash Actions

Queue Processing Stats

The queue processing stats sub-page of the Jobs dashboard allows users to monitor the status of various queues within Device42. This is the queue processing page:
Queue Processing Stats page

Other Jobs Summary

Jobs that don’t utilize the main Jobs Dashboard will be found in the “Other Jobs Summary” page. These include RU (Resource Utilization) jobs, and and SP (Service Port) jobs, vserver jobs, and others. Status of jobs can be monitored via this page, and you can also kill any running job from this page by selecting the checkbox next to it and choosing “Kill Selected Jobs” as your action. This is a sample of the “Other Jobs Summary” page:

Other Jobs Summary page