Discovery Quality Scores

Discovery Quality Scores

The Discovery Quality Scores page provides users with an the ability to view the success of their discovery jobs on a granular level. Via the quality scores page, users can see each device that was discovered, the target IP it was discovered from (which is also a link to that job’s page), the job name, time stamps, and status of port check and auth. The Discovery Quality Scores page can be found from the main menu, Reporting -> Discovery Scores.

By default, discovered devices are sorted newest to oldest, most recently discovered listed first. Each device is shown on its own line, which offers information about how it was discovered including the target discovery IP (which also links back to each job’s ‘Quality Score Detail’ page) of the job that discovered it, the job name (links to the job’s config page), the job’s timestamps, and a red/green ‘at-a-glance’ view the discovery status. Green indicates discovery success, while red indicates there might have been an issue with that particular stat.

Clicking on any of the items in the “Discovery Targets” column will bring you to a “View Discovery Score” details page for that particular item:

Discovery Quality Score Column Details

Each discovered device in the list on the “Discovery Score” view page includes helpful statistics that offer insight into what was discovered from each device.

The following is a short explanation of the fields present on the “Discovery Score” page:

Discovery Quality Scores Page Column List:
Discovery Target: The IP or FQDN that was targeted by the discovery job that found this device.
Job Name: The name of the discovery job that discovered the device
Job Start Time: Time the discovery job started
Sub Type: The chosen sub-type for the job
Port Check: Port check references the first step of each discovery job where an attempt is made to connect to the target discovery port, e.g. a connection is attempted port 22 for a Linux SSH-based discovery – Green Check (success) / Red-X (failure).
Auth: Reports the status of authentication to a given endpoint using the credentials supplied in the discovery job’s settings – Green Check (success) / Red-X (failure).
Discovery Successful: Success (green check mark) will be shown when both Port check and Auth succeed. If either of those two fail, success column shows Red-X. Note that only if device is not added, will it be marked as failure – otherwise, based on scores, it will be marked as PARTIAL or OK.
Sudo Access: Indicates whether sudo access is allowed for the discovery job.
Ignored: Indicates a successful connection to a device to which a Device Ignore Rule was applied, and that the device was ruled out and ignored.
Device Ignore Rule: This is the text entered in the Ignored text contains: field when the Device Ignore Rule was created.
Success: Indicates whether the device was successfully discovered (and ignored if applicable).
Object: The discovered device.
Unprocessed Device: Indicates if this is an unprocessed device requiring further attention.
Basic inventory: a count of basic inventory items discovered.
Software: a count of discovered software.
Services: a count of discovered services.
Applications: a count of discovered applications.