AWS Migration Hub

You can generate a Device42 AWS Migration Hub report from Device42’s predefined reports and upload the report to the AWS Migration Hub portal. Follow the steps below.

  • Select Analytics > Advanced Reporting > Pre-Defined Reports > Integrations > Workload Portability.
  • Select AWS Migration Hub,  and then click CSV. This will generate and download a report — the amount of time required to generate the report depends on how much Device42 data you have.

  • After the Device42 AWS Migration Hub report downloads, go to your AWS Console.
  • Click Services, and then search for Migration Hub.

  • Once you are on the Migration Hub home page, click Tools, and then select Import on the Discovery Tools page.

Note: AWS requires that the import file is on an AWS S3 bucket. You must navigate to S3 and upload the Device42 AWS Migration Hub file to an S3 bucket.

  • Navigate to your AWS S3 console and upload your Device42 AWS Migration Hub file to the appropriate S3 bucket.
  • After you have uploaded your Device42 file to the AWS S3 bucket, copy the file’s Object URL link.

  • Go back to Migration Hub and paste the object URL in the Amazon S3 Object URL field, enter an Import name and click Import.

The AWS import process starts and displays a list of imports.

  • You can click on the import file Name and see details of the imported information.

Yo can also click on a Server Info name to see details about that particular server with information about that imported item.

  • You can click also Applications to view information about the applications crated in Device42 that were imported.