AWS Migration Evaluator

You can generate a Device42 AWS Migration Evaluator report from Device42’s predefined reports and upload the report to the AWS Migration Evaluator portal.

To see a sample report, visit

To generate the report, follow the steps below.

Note: AWS Migration Evaluator was formerly TSO Logic.

  1. Select Analytics > Advanced Reporting > Pre-Defined Reports > Integrations > Total Cost of Ownership.
  2. Select AWS Migration Evaluator and then click XLS. This will generate and download a report.

Migration Evaluator will provide console access to the customer so you can securely upload the data to us for processing.

Before you upload the Device42 report, you may want to open and edit the .XLSX file to:

  • Redact any information you do not want to share with AWS.
  • Open the Assets tab in the spreadsheet to add tags to the Environment, Application, Department, etc., columns.

Note: In this example, the Device42 report is named TSO Logic.xlsx.

  1. In the Migration Evaluator console, select Discover > Self Reported Files, and then click Upload.
  2. Select your Device42 report file, and click Upload.