PDU rack display

In this section, we will cover the basics of entering information that tells device42 where the PDU is mounted (i.e. to the left, the right, above, below, or in the rack). PDUs above and below the rack are displayed using a icon. Other locations are displayed using images.

PDU location


Once you choose a PDU from the lookup icon (or search icon), the following options can be defined:

Where : Choose from Left, right, above, below or rack mounted as location for the PDU.

Start at:
A starting location is required for rack mounted PDUs.
It is optional for PDUs that are on left or right of the rack. However, if you choose a starting location, it will use that as starting location. The only time the starting location is ignored is if the starting location and size of the PDU that were entered combine to overshoot the rack.
This field is not required or used for PDU that are mounted above or below the rack.

PDUs are only displayed in their respective orientation. For example, for a Front orientation with a PDU on the top, the Rack Layout View only displays the PDU in the front of rack and not in the back of the rack.

Rack mounted PDUs


Rack mounted PDUs display like any other device in the rack. Half depth PDUs are greyed out in the other side of rack display.(or if you have another device mounted, then the PDU is not visible).

PDUs on the left side or right side of the rack


Left or right PDUs are only displayed for the respective orientation as shown in the image above. You can click on the PDU to get to the detail page for the PDU.

PDUs above or below the rack


PDUs above or below the rack are shown using power plug icons. Each icon represents a single PDU and is clickable to get to PDU detail page.

PDU display in multi-rack views

When looking at PDUs in multiple rack views, only rack mounted PDUs are displayed.

Visually adding PDUs to the rack from the rack layout screen

From the rack layout screen, you will see the option to add a PDU:

Visually adding pdus to the rack from the rack layout screen

Choose a name and a PDU model and a template object will appear. Drag the template object to a rack slot and the move is complete.