Adding PDUs

Menu: DataCenter > PDUs > PDUs

Adding a PDU

Adding a PDU

Current fields are:

Name is required.

PDU model: Must be defined if the PDU is rack mounted and/or you want to track individual ports on the PDU.

Device: This field is optional. A device is required only if you want to track IP address information, life cycle information, or other asset information for the PDU. To do so, add a device here and track IP and asset info via this device.

Once you click save and continue (or one of the other save buttons), device42 will automatically add ports based on the PDU model. Ports can only be added at time of PDU creation and cannot be altered later.

Automatically created Ports

Automatically created Ports

Once you click one of the save buttons, ports are created. More details in the next section…

Mapping PDU’s to a Device

Mapping PDU's to a Device

If you want to track more details about a PDU, e.g.: serial #, asset #, IP address, purchase information, life cycle management – PDU’s can be mapped to a device.


  1. Create a Device with Type = Other (see image above) – it is recommended (but not required) to give the device the same name as the PDU it will be mapped to.
  2. Select Device Subtype – PDU (see image above) – hardware is not needed. All other fields are optional.
  3. Save the new device.
  4. Edit the PDU and with the Device Mapping option (see image below), choose the device (as created in steps 1-3).
  5. Save the changes to the PDU.

Viewing and navigating the mapping:
Below left – PDU mapping and link on the device’s page.
Below right – Device mapping and link on the PDU’s page.