Password Policy

Password Policy Options

Select Tools > Admins & Permissions > Password Policy to display the password policy options.

Device42 administrators can define user password policy requirements and expiration settings to increase password strength and improve security. Policy settings include:

  • Minimum password length
  • Minimum number of uppercase, numeric, and special characters
  • Password expiration timing
  • User account locking after specified number of invalid login attempts
  • User alerts for password expiration

Select the options you want to enforce and the values for your password rules, and then click Save.

User Login

  • A login attempt with an invalid password counts against account lockout.
  • If a user enters a valid password after their password has expired, they are prompted to change their password.
  • Users are alerted the designated number of days prior to password expiration.
  • Users locked out of their account see an alert when they try to login and must contact their administrator to regain account access.

User Password and Account Status

The Tools > Admins & Permissions > Administrator page displays the current password and account status for each user. Administrators can expire a user’s password, exempt a user from password expiration, and unlock a user’s account.