Burnt Secret Password Storage

What is a Burnt Secret

A “burnt secret” is simply a way to store a password and designate it as ‘un-retrievable’. If a password is set to ‘burnt’, it can never be retrieved after being stored, however, Device42 can utilize a “burnt secret” for discovery.

If a ‘burnt’ secret/password is forgotten, it MUST be reset & regenerated. Storing the NEW password as “burnt” repeats this cycle.

Do not use burnt secrets if you will need to retrieve a stored password in the future.

Storing a Password as a Burnt Secret

Creating a “burnt” secret/password is very similar to the creation of a ‘normal’ stored secret. Simply head to the Secrets menu and add a new secret/password. In v15.07.00+, the Password Storage option can be set to “Burnt” (as opposed to the default of “Normal”) which will cause a secret to be stored non-retrievable:

A stored “burnt secret”: