Using Mobile devices for asset management

Please note:

  • Use WLAN or secure VPN to connect to the device42 appliance url in your network. We don’t recommend opening it to the public internet.
  • The web portal has been optimized for mobile devices for device and asset views only pertaining to asset lifecycle management. Full device42 web portal functionality is not supported on mobile devices at this time.

Scanning the QR Code


A printed QR code contains a url to device42 appliance for that object. You can use numerous free QR readers apps (such as i-nigma) for iphone/android/. Once the reader scans the QR code, it will bring you to the login page for device42 appliance and take you to a page to manage that object.

Managing Inventory


Basic location and inventory/asset lifecycle properties can be viewed or edited for the object.

The page is optimized for mobile devices and hence there is no menu on the top. You can click Home to get to the main menu, but it is not formatted for small screens and will not present well.
Devices > Mobile view is where the special formatted view for mobile devices resides.