Auto assign asset numbers

This section will explain how to create Asset Number Profiles that facilitate automatic creation and assignment of asset numbers.

Creating Profiles to generate/assign asset


Menu: Tools > Templates & Bulk Operations > Asset Number Profile

All the fields in bold are required.

Name: Use a descriptive name that can easily identify this profile. This will be helpful in the device or asset edit screens when picking a profile.

Prefix: Optional, if you want to prefix the asset #s with a set of characters (e.g. the abbreviation of the building/office it is in)

Number Length: # of digits in the asset numbers. For example, if you enter 4, asset numbers will go from 0001 to 9999. (If you have defined a prefix, e.g. NH, then the numbering will be appended to the prefix (e.g. NH0001 to NH9999).
Auto assignment will fail if more assets are needed than specified by this number (e.g. if you specify 4, then you will only be able to auto-assign 9999 asset numbers and the 10,000th asset number will not be assigned).

Start #: Where do you want the asset numbering to start from? Useful if you already have existing asset #s. For example, if you have already assigned asset #’s up to 0155, you can instruct device42 to start numbering with 0156.

Last used: Do not change this value except in the special case discussed below. The system will display here the last asset number used and the system uses this value to determine the next value to be generated. If last asset # generated was 0156, this would automatically change to 0156. Change this only if you want to change where it starts the calculation from for what is already used.

Auto assign asset


If the asset # field is empty for a device or asset, use the drop down to select an Auto Assignment Profile.

Once you click save and continue, it will assign the next available asset # to that object.

You can auto assign asset numbers in bulk as well as explained below…

Bulk asset # assignment


From Devices > All devices or from the Asset view list, you can search/filter for devices and select those to auto assign asset #s as shown in the image above.


It will prompt you for the profile to use to assign asset #’s to the selected items (devices or assets). Please note that the system will assign asset #’s to only those items that don’t have one assigned already.