Managed Resources are items identified and returned by Device42 autodiscovery jobs, and can be both cloud-based or on-premise. Managed resources include devices, load balancers, pool resources, storage arrays, etc. Managed resources also display their resource details, related resources, and topography map.

View All Resources

Select Resources > All Managed Resources from the Device42 menu to display the resources list.

Device42 displays the Resources list page. On this page, you can Search by name, or filter the list by Cloud Provider or Vendor Resource Type.

You can also click +More to filter by Vendor Resource SubtypeRegionsZonesTags, In Service, Service Level, First Added, and Last Updated.

Note: The Managed Resources list page also includes an Advanced Search option you can use to construct more specific searches. See the Advanced Search Feature documentation page for instructions.

Click on a resource Name to see details about that resource. You can use the links in the Related Resources panel on the right to see details about that related resource.

Click Resource Map at the top left of the page to see the topography map for the resource. You can select which Resource Types you want to include in the map.

Edit Resources

Click Edit on the Resources view page to edit the resource. You can add or edit Notes or Tags for the resource, select Yes/No for In Service, and select or add a Service Level value.

Click Save to save your edits; click Cancel to discard them.

Select Resources Across Multiple Pages

You can select resources across multiple list pages to apply Action Menu commands (such as Delete Resources below) to the selected resources.

  • Select Resources > All Resources from the Device42 menu to display the resources list.
  • Apply any filters you want to the list.
  • Select a list page you want to view and then select resources on that page. The page shows you how many items you selected.
  • Select a different list page and then select resources on that page. The page updates the selected items count. You can then apply Action Menu commands to all the selected items.

Delete Resources

Select one or more resources from the list, and select either Fast Background Delete or Delete with Detailed Confirmation from the Actions menu, and then click the lightning bolt icon.

Confirm the deletion if prompted.