Load Balancers


Device42 SNMP autodiscovery provides a new option for F5 load balancer discovery that returns discovered load balancers as both devices and Managed Resources. Discovering F5 load balancers as managed resources provides additional details about the load balancers and related resources that include resource maps that visually show the relationships between load balancers and their related resources. It also simplifies the chart view for Affinity Groups by visually presenting the servers underneath a load balancer.

SNMP Discovery Load Balancer Options

Select Discovery > SNMP from the Device42 menu, and then click Add SNMP Autodiscovery Job from the job list page. Enter a name and other details for the SNMP discovery job. In the Network device options section of the page, select Device and Managed Resources (the default option) from the Discover Load Balancer as: drop-down.

(The other available options are Device Only and Device with Services. You can still use these options for SNMP load balancer discovery.)

Save the SNMP job and schedule it to run or choose Run Now from the SNMP discovery jobs list.

Managed Resources Views

Discovered F5 load balancers are included in the Managed Resources list. Select Resources > Managed Resources from the Device42 menu to display the list. See the Managed Resources page for more information.

Click the Vendor Resource Type filter drop-down and select F5 to display load balancer resources.

Click on a load balancer Resource Name to see details about that load balancer. You can use the links in the panel on the right to see details about related resources.

Click Resource Map at the top left of the page to see the topography map for the resource. You can select which Resource Types you want to include in the map.

The image below shows another example resource map for clustered load balancers.

You will notice that the Chart views for Affinity Groups are now much simpler and easier to understand. Select Applications > Affinity Groups to display the affinity group list.

Click the Chart link to view the chart for an affinity group with a load balancer.