IP Nat/Map functions are used for routing, such as routing external IPs to internal IPs or routing traffic within different network segments. You define IP Nat/Maps as they are not found during discovery.

  • To create an IP Nat/Map, go to Resources > IPs > IP NAT to display Nat/Map list page, and then click Add IP Nat/Map at the top right.

Device42 displays the Nat/Map add page.

  • Enter a Name for the Nat/Map, and then enter the Source IP Address Start and Target IP Address Start. You can also use the magnifying glass icon to select an IP address.

  • You can also or select or enter these options:
    • Two way relation
    • Protocol
    • Source IP Address End
    • Source Port Stat
    • Source Port End
    • Target IP Address End
    • Target Port Start
    • Target Port End
  • When done, click Save. The IP Nat/Map is added to the list.