IP Address Management (IPAM) is an essential part of Device42. Since release of the network auto-discovery module in v2.1.1, it’s never been easier to maintain up-to-date documentation of your IP Addresses, MAC Addresses and DNS Infrastructure. In this section we will cover VLAN, Subnet, IP Address, MAC Address, Switch Port Connectivity, and IP NATs.

Topics covered under this section

Discovery of IP Addresses

There are multiple options to discover IP Addresses and related information. Here are some quick links:

  • Network SNMP Discovery: Configuring and running SNMP auto-discovery to gather subnets, IP to MAC Address relationships, and MAC Address to Switch Port relationship information.
  • Device42’s Auto Discovery: Using the auto-discovery client to discover Microsoft Windows and Linux and/or UNIX devices on your network, including their IP and MAC Address details.
  • Device42’s Ping Sweep Tool: This page details usage of the ping sweep utility to keep your IP Address information up-to-date.

Import your current IP Address sheets

Microsoft Excel or CSV IP Address Import: The (powerful) import feature in Device42 is used to import IP Address data from your Microsoft Excel and/or CSV [Comma Separated Value] spreadsheets into Device42’s IPAM module.