Insights+ is a new product component that provides multiple dashboards containing visualizations that present graphical views of your IT infrastructure. Based on Device42’s Data Building Blocks, the DBB Cookbook, and your own Device42 data, Insights+ gives you quick and insightful overviews of your environment.

Using Insights+

  • Click on Insights+ in the Device42 main menu to display the Insights+ home page, and then select the visualizations you want to see.

Note: A user must have the permission Feature | Data Building Blocks (DBBs) to see and use the Insights+ menu.

  • Click Hide Banner to get a better view of the available visualization dashboards.
  • Click DBB Cookbook to go to the cookbook documentation pages.
  • Click Data Dictionary to see the available Data Building Blocks.
  • Click Import to get new or updated dashboards as they become available.

  • Click on a Dashboard to see its charts and graphs.

  • Hover over elements in a chart or graphic to see additional information.

  • Many Insights+ dashboards include filters you can use to refine the visualizations to see the information you want.

  • You can also maximize a chart, download it as an image, or export the chart data as a CSV file.

  • Click the back icon to return to the Insights+ home page.