Device42 is proud to announce Insights+: integrated analytics that leverage the breadth and depth of Device42 discovery to help you make sense of your data through visuals and dashboards so that you can make better, more informed business decisions quickly.

Insights+ identifies patterns, trends, and outliers in data sets across your entire estate, elevating your performance with data understanding.

The combination of automatic discovered data and visualization empowers you and your IT teams with a more accurate understanding of your environment that would take the most senior IT staff years to understand –  which helps reduce the time it takes to restore service, increase the speed of root cause discovery, and better plan for capacity growth.

Note: Additional curated dashboards are available on our Insights+ GitHub page: Follow the instructions on the page to download and import the dashboards.

Using Insights+

  • Click on Insights+ in the Device42 main menu to display the Insights+ home page, and then select the visualizations you want to see.

Note: A user must have the permission Feature | Data Building Blocks (DBBs) to see and use the Insights+ menu.

  • Click Hide Banner to get a better view of the available visualization dashboards.
  • Click DBB Cookbook to go to the cookbook documentation pages.
  • Click Data Dictionary to see the available Data Building Blocks.
  • Click Import to get new or updated dashboards as they become available.

  • Click on a Dashboard to see its charts and graphs.

  • Hover over elements in a chart or graphic to see additional information.

  • Many Insights+ dashboards include filters you can use to refine the visualizations to see the information you want.

  • You can also maximize a chart, download it as an image, or export the chart data as a CSV file.

  • Click the back icon to return to the Insights+ home page.

Infrastructure Analysis Dashboard

Build Thoughtful Capacity Management Plans

The Infrastructure Analysis Dashboard provides the data that IT leaders need to understand the distribution of compute workloads across the environment to build thoughtful capacity management plans based on real-world data. This in-depth intelligence is broken down by resource types, highlighting usage across each node.

Location Inventory and Hierarchy Dashboard

Understand the Complexity and Spot Trends

Location Inventory and Hierarchy dashboard gives you an understanding of the complexity of your environment through an aggregate view of where all resources are deployed and the distribution of those resources to easily spot trends and ensure that resources are balanced across locations and initiatives for capacity planning.

Host Impact Dashboard

Balance Compute and Memory Across Hosts with Real-World Data

The Host Impact Dashboard monitors the allocation of compute and memory resources to hosts and displays the aggregate view of host performance across your entire environment. This helps you plan for evenly balanced workloads across hosts by identifying risks associated with oversubscribed hosts and inefficiencies where capacity isn’t being used.

Power Usage Dashboard

Identify Risks Before A Power Interruption

The Power Usage Dashboard provides the potential risks in the event of a power interruption with visibility into the relationship and total dependency of an application from the software to the infrastructure, down to the PDU that is powering the application.

The heat maps help IT professionals understand power utilization capacity and trends, allowing them to make changes to the data centers with the confidence of knowing that they have visibility into all potential risks.

Application Mapping Dashboard

Reduce Mean-Time-to-Repair

The Application Mapping Dashboard provides crucial information for IT teams troubleshooting outages or planning for upcoming changes by providing insights into the complexities of enterprise application environments with visualizations beyond individual applications into the complex multi-app dependency.

This dashboard also provides IT teams with an IT Operational Intelligence view of all mapped and unmapped applications in the environment This helps IT teams understand the completeness of the mapping initiative by ensuring that all applications are mapped and dependencies identified.

Public Cloud Dashboard

Better Manage Public Cloud Consumption

The Public Cloud Dashboard provides crucial insights into cloud consumption across all major cloud providers, helping to untangle cloud bills with insights into the distribution of workloads and resource types that are deployed. This dashboard also provides visibility into the progress of migrations and where IT teams are investing in cloud resources, ensuring that the appropriate cloud resources are being consumed in compliance with company standards.