Using the re-importable export feature

Example: renaming multiple devices

Example: renaming multiple devices

The re-importable export option pictured above can be used to make bulk changes to devices. In this example we will use the feature to renaming multiple devices.

From any Device list view, e.g.: Devices > All Devices – select the devices that you want to rename.

Choose “Do a re-importable export for selected devices” then click go.

Download and open the spreadsheet.

As pictured above, using the new_name parameter, I created my new name and dragged the name down allowing Excel to auto fill the remaining fields. Save the file.

Go to: Tools > API Imports/Exports (.xls). upload the spreadsheet > , then click Import.

Click the Choose File button to upload the spreadsheet, then click import.

When import is complete, you will receive confirmation (see above).

Renaming devices is just one example of how the “Do a re-importable export for selected devices” feature can be used. For example, the re-importable export sheet includes almost 30 device parameters that can be edited and imported back into the system.

For more details on the options available using API / API Imports: