Import Overview

A number of Excel imports are available for loading data into device42. These imports, along with the API’s, are the two ways to load bulk data into device42.

These imports require data formatted as Excel spreadsheets (97-2003 .xls format). CSV files cannot be imported via this facility; however, CSV files can be imported via the API facility.

Available Imports

The following categories of device42 data can be imported:

IP Addresses
Racked Devices
End Users
Application Components

Each of these options can be found under the Tools / Import menu.

All work identically, so we will provide just an example of how to do a Device import below…


Create and import a spread sheet.

When you select an import, you will see a set of instructions like the one above for the Device Import.

The instructions contain a list of fields. Each field should be one column in the Excel spreadsheet.

The first row of the spreadsheet should contain the column names.

The instructions specify which fields are required, which are optional, and provides an explanation of each field.

In most cases, if the value(s) of the required field(s) already exist in device42, an update will be performed. If they do not exist, a new record will be created. In the above example, if the device name already exists, then the record for that device will be updated with the values of the optional fields (e.g. the serial number and asset number). If the device is not in the database, a record for the device will be added.
PLEASE NOTE: Some Imports are insert only and do not support update. Those that do not support update will be clearly noted on the screen. For example, if the Device import example above did not support update, you would see a note next to the “Import Device Sheet” title saying “Use only for adding new devices”. If you do not see this note, then both add and update are supported.

Notes fields are for whatever notes or documentation you wish to put in them.