Add a new route to Device42

If you’d prefer written instructions for adding a route, they can also be found on the docs site at: Setup & Troubleshooting -> Advanced Routing.

NOTE: This demo assumes you have already added a NIC that can connect to your new network! To Add supplemental interfaces (NO GATEWAY IP or DNS for secondary NICs!!!) for connectivity to the appropriate network segments, see our HowTo add a NIC to Device42 walkthrough on our Docs Site:

Also note this particular HowTo is only a demo of the process, so your screen output will be slightly different as the Lab Machine doesn’t have a secondary NIC or network to connect to.

Leave a comment or e-mail Device42 Support and let us know if you’d like a video of that process as well!

Please leave any questions, comments, or requests for more how-to’s as comments on the video, or e-mail and say you saw it on our docs site!