VMware Player – Installation

Setup appliance in vmware player or workstation

  • Download the OVF format of Device42.
  • Use 7 zip to unzip the downloaded file.
  • Open or Import the virtual appliance into vmware player.
  • Once the import is finished, power on the new virtual appliance.
  • Login to console as device42/adm!nd42. You can change the password with option 10.
  • On the console, configure the IP and choose your settings [Please use a STATIC IP for all production Device42 VMs to avoid connectivity issues].
  • Optional: Create DNS entry for the new IP address for the new virtual appliance.
  • Point your browser to https://FQDN(Fully Qualified Domain Name) or IP address and you are ready to go.
  • The default username is admin and password is adm!nd42, please change that as soon as you login.

Here are the steps in images:

Here are the steps in images:

Power on the machine by clicking “Play virtual machine”:
Power on the Device42 Virtual Appliance

Login to the Device42 Console

Default login: device42
Default password: adm!nd42

Change the password using option 10, and then proceed to configure network settings via menu option 1:
Configure IP/Networking

Configure a static IP address for the Device42 appliance:
Network Config

Note: The default password for user device42 MUST be changed using console menu using option 10 to secure your appliance. As mentioned, the default username/password is admin/adm!nd42.

You may apply updates and do other menu-related work using ssh. Please note that root login has been disabled.

Lastly, point your browser to the address you configured [it can be seen at the top of the console, above the menu], and you’re ready to go!


Device42 Web Login Screen