Installation – Microsoft HyperV

After you download the Device42 virtual appliance file, take following steps to set it up:

  1. Use 7zip to unzip the downloaded file.
  2. Create a Virtual machine with a minimum of 2 vCPU, 4 GB RAM, and 1 network card; configure the new VM to use the attached vhd.
    Note: Only HyperV Gen1 VMs are currently supported! In our experience, users have run into issues deploying Linux VMs as Generation 2 in HyperV. With that in mind, we recommend deploying Device42 only as a version Gen1 VM.
  3. Power on the new machine and login. The default console login is device42 and default password is adm!nd42 (NOTE: Use (ubuntu/default) for power appliance). You can change the password using option 10.
  4. On the console, configure the IP [option 1] and choose your settings. Please use a STATIC (non-dhcp) IP address for all Device42 related appliances!
  5. Optional: Create a DNS entry that points to the IP address of the new virtual appliance.
  6. Point your browser to https://FQDN(Fully_Qualified_Domain_Name) or IP address and you are ready to go.
  7. The default username for the Device42 web interface is admin and the password is adm!nd42 — please change these as soon as you login.

And now you are ready to start discovering & documenting your infrastructure!!

Here are the above steps in pictures:

Specify Name and Location

Assign Memory

Configure Networking

Connect VHD

Completing the New Virtual Machine Wizard

The console after booting

default login : device42
default password: adm!nd42
(NOTE: Use (ubuntu/default) for power appliance)

You can change the password with option 10 below.

Option 1 - Configure IP and Networking

Next, configure an IP address for the Device42 appliance. A static IP or a DHCP address reservation should be created for the Device42 appliance along with DNS entries for any appliance that will be used in a production setting.

Configure eth0

The default password for user device42 can now be changed from the console menu using option 10. The default username/password is admin/adm!nd42. Please be sure to change it after you login.

You can apply updates and do other menu-related work using ssh. Please note that root login has been disabled via ssh.

Lastly, point your browser to the address at the top of the console menu [or your newly created DNS entry] and you’re ready to go.


Device42 Login