Microsoft Azure – Installation

Get Device42 from the Azure Marketplace

Azure VM Configuration

  • Fill in virtual machine details. You will need to specify the following:
    • Resource group
    • Virtual machine name
    • Size of VM – please note that you should choose something with at least 8 GB RAM and 2 vCPU (recommended 16GB RAM 4 vCPU) or else you will get out of memory errors.
    • Administrator account – choose Authentication Type as Password and just put in some random values. This field has no bearing on Device42 deployment.
    • Networking
    • Disks
  • Click on Review & Create. After validation, deployment should start.
  • The Azure deployment creates the following resources by default:
    • Microsoft.Network/networkInterfaces
    • Microsoft.Network/publicIpAddresses
    • Microsoft.Network/networkSecurityGroups
    • Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines
  • You can add an ICMP Inbound Allowed rule. You should now be able to ping your Device42 instance.

  • You should also be able to access the Web GUI by navigating to the public IP address. Please also make sure your network security groups allow the following inbound ports:
    • 404 – ssh access
    • 443 – Web GUI and API access
    • 4343 – appliance manager SSL port

You will set a password for the default superuser admin account in the next steps.

Device42 Configuration

  • Get your Device42 Azure VM’s instance ID by running the following command in Azure Shell:

  • You’ll need the value from vmId for these purposes:
    • Use it as the password for the default device42 user for SSH login.
    • Use it as the password for the default admin user to log in to the D42 Main Appliance.
    • Use it as the password for the default d42admin user to log in to the Appliance Manage.

  • You can change the device42 console user password to something of your own choosing by selecting option 10 from the console or keep it as is.
  • You should now have a fully functioning Device42 Main Appliance hosted on Microsoft Azure. You can run updates on this instance to get it to the latest version. You will have to supply your license to get full functionality.