Home Page Widgets and Global Search

The Device42 home page Classic Dashboard features our updated widgets that give you a quick, clean visual look at your environment, making it easier to spot important trends and statistics. The home page also includes a Global Search function that lets you search your whole Device42 environment to find what you need quickly and easily.

Widgets and Dashboards

  • You can use the Dashboard drop-down to select one of the Insights+ dashboards to use for the home page instead of the Classic Dashboard if you want.
  • Click Manage Widgets to display the list of available the widgets for the Classic Dashboard to get the information you want when you want it.
  • You can click and drag the widgets to arrange them to best suit your needs.

Global Search

  • The home page also includes a Global Search feature. Type in your search and Device42 displays a drop-down of possible matches.

  • Click the magnifying glass and Device42 shows you all your results sorted and displayed by category.