Main Appliance & Remote Collector FAQ

How do I get the download files?

Go to, there are now two options for download – the latest Main Appliance (MA) or the latest Remote Collector (RC). Enter your email in the field shown and we will send the file to you, along with release notes and next steps.

Can I download the newest RC despite my MA version?

No, it’s required that you be on the immediately-prior Main Appliance release to get the latest RC update. For example, if the latest MA version was 17.07.00, you cannot download the RC release of 17.07.02 until you’re on 17.07.00.

What happens if I attempt to download the RC before I install the newest MA?

The download will stop and tell you that you must first upgrade the MA.

What if I install an older RC update onto a newer MA version?

This action will fail – the installer will prompt you to get the correct version.

Will MA updates update my RCs?

Yes, just as in the past, when you download the MA update, it will subsequently update your RCs to the latest version.

What if I’m on a much older version of the MA?

If you’re more than three or four versions behind our current Main Appliance release (the website will give the specific cut off point), you will need to contact support for upgrade assistance.

If you’re less than three versions behind, downloading the new MA file will bring you fully up to date.

If I am on the latest MA release, how do I update my Remote Collectors?

This update will need to be pushed via the Appliance Manager once you have the upgrade file. Step by step instructions can be found here: