Basic Navigation Tips for Adding/Editing

Positioning of Add/Edit/History Button


When adding/editing an object, a clickable button will show up as indicated above.

Required vs. Non-required Fields


In the example above, anything in bold (shown above with the 1,2,3 annotations) is required. Everything else is optional. This convention applies to all objects while adding and editing.

Adding new items right from edit page


You can add the corresponding relational objects right from the edit page as highlighted above and shown in images below.



Adding items inline


You can add inline items right from the main edit page wherever it is allowed. In this example, while editing a rack, you can add devices to the rack right on the edit page for the rack.

Finishing up


You can save(default action), save and continue editing the object, or save and add another object. You can also delete the object from here. But don’t forget to save!!!