Basic Navigation Tips for Adding/Editing

The add/edit/history button(s) & action menu

On most pages in the Device42 UI that include “lists” (e.g. of Devices, IP addresses, subnets, racks, etc.), look to the upper-right hand corner [emphasized/highlighted] for buttons that allow you to quickly perform the most common action(s) on each particular page:

Action Menu and Buttons Locations

The “Action” dropdown menu (also emphasized & highlighted) contains a list of actions that can be performed in “bulk” against any and all devices that are selected [via the checkboxes] on each list page.

When adding/editing an object, a clickable button will show up as indicated above.

Required vs. non-required fields

Required fields are BOLD (highlighted)

It’s easy to tell which fields are required in Device42; simply look for bolded field labels! In the example screen above, all bolded field labels (highlighted above ) are required. All other fields on the page are optional. This convention applies to all add/edit screens across the Device42 UI. Note that if we were to attempt to submit the above form as-pictured, we would receive an error – The required field “Name:” does not contain a value!

Adding new items from within an edit page

Add new item right from the CI edit page

You can add the corresponding relational objects right from edit pages as highlighted above and shown in images below. Simply click the magnifying glass to select an existing object. Should the object you are looking for not yet exist [e.g. building, room, rack, vendor, etc.], you can create a new one:

Add a new room and/or building from the rack edit screen

Newly added room selected & visible on change rack page

Adding items inline

Add another device to rack line item

You can add line items directly from a rack or other edit page wherever it is relevant. In this example, while editing a rack, you can add devices to the rack right on the edit page for the rack.

Finishing up – the ‘save’ toolbar

Save toolbar pinned to bottom of add and edit page UI

Pinned, or “floating” at the bottom of the your screen no matter where you scroll on an add or edit page, you’ll find the “Save” toolbar. This UI feature allows you to either “Save” your entries (the default action) and view the new item, “Save and continue editing the object”, or “Save and add another” object. You can also delete the object from here. But don’t forget to save!!!