Arrange and Save List Page Column Layout

Arrange and Save List Page Column Layout

Many of Device42’s new list pages let you select and rearrange the columns the pages display and save the column layout.

  • Click the gear icon below the Advanced button.

  • The page displays a Table Columns drop-down you can use to select the columns you want to include on the page.

  • Click and drag a column header to move the column to a new position. In the example below, we move the Hardware column.

  • You can also select a column to set the sorting precedence for the list view.

  • After you select and arrange the columns, type a name for the view, select either System Default or User Default for the new view (the available options depend on your permission level), and click Save As New.

The column layout you saved will now be the default for list pages.

You can also delete custom column list views you have defined for list pages. When you select a custom view, you can click the Delete button to delete the view. Note that this does not apply to the System Column List view, and the Delete button is not available if the user does not have the correct permissions.