Opsgenie Integration

Set Up an API Key in Opsgenie

  • Click Settings in the Opsgenie top navigation bar.

  • Click Integrations list in the Integrations section on the left panel.
  • Hover over the API tile and click Add.

Set Up The API

  • Enter a Name for the API.
  • Make note of and copy the API Key.  You will need to enter this API key into Device42.

  • Scroll down the page and ensure that the Create and Update Access option is enabled.
  • Click Save Integration.

Set Up Opsgenie External Integration in Device42

  • From the Device42 menu bar, select Tools > Integrations > External Integrations.
  • Select Add External Integration on the top right of the page.

  • Set the URL as user’s Opsgenie URL.
  • Select Opsgenie from the Type drop-down menu.
  • Click the Token magnifying glass to open the Select Password page.

  • Click Add Password and use the Opsgenie API Key to create a new Token.
  • Click Save.
  • The Opsgenie integration is now configured in Device42.

Set Up an Alert to Use Opsgenie

You need to configure a Device42 alert to use the Opsgenie external integration to route the alert message to Opsgenie.  The following steps will configure a prohibited software alert, but any type of alert can be used with the Opsgenie external integration and would have similar steps.

  • From the Device42 menu bar, select Reports > Setup Alerts.

  • Click Add Alert.

  • Select Rule Type: Software.
  • Select Trigger: Prohibited Software Installed.
  • Select Alert Type: Alert.
  • Select the Opsgenie URL from the Alert Integration drop-down list.
  • Click Save.

Configure Software as Prohibited

  • From the Device42 menu bar, select Apps > Software > Software Components.
  • Select the software component you want to set as prohibited (this example uses 7 Zip).
  • Select the Edit button on the top right.
  • Select Software Type: Prohibited.
  • Click Save button at the bottom right.

This marks the software as prohibited and will trigger the alert created in the section above.

If the 7 Zip software is detected during discovery, an alert is generated in Opsgenie similar to the alert shown below.