JDBC Driver Integration

Device42 JDBC Driver

The Device42 Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) driver allows you to connect to Device42 and pull data externally as a JDBC data source. The JDBC driver can be used on any platform that supports Java.

Download the Device42 JDBC driver – which should work with any JDBC-compatible client – directly from the Device42 Miscellaneous Tools download page.

JDBC System Requirements

System requirements for connecting to Device42 via JDBC are:

  • Current Device42 installation (v15.14.02 and above), properly configured, licensed, running, and accessible.
  • A host system for the D42 JDBC driver running a platform that supports Java.
  • A JDBC-compatible client to connect to the Device42 JDBC data source.

Installing the Device42 JDBC Driver

To install the Device42 JDBC driver, download the JAR file from https://www.device42.com/miscellaneous-tools/.

Connecting SQL Workbench to the Device42 JDBC Data Source

These steps are for SQL Workbench; other JDBC-compatible clients will have similar steps.

  1. Install SQL Workbench/J (http://www.sql-workbench.net/manual/install.html).
  2. Run SQL Workbench/J.
  3. Click File -> Connect Window -> Manage Drivers.
  4. Create new driver using the path to the downloaded JDBC driver JAR file and the classname com.device42.jdbc.D42Driver.

  1. Create a new profile using the created driver with a URL such as jdbc:doql://sandbox.device42.com:443 (port 443) and your credentials to your Device42 instance. Replace sandbox.device42.com with your Device42 instance.

  1. Test a query.