External Logging Config

Configure External Logging

Webhooks are currently the best way to set up external logging in Device42.

Begin by navigating to “Tools -> Webhooks -> Endpoints:

Add Webhook Endpoint

Install an HTTP Plugin

You will need an http plugin for Logstash or Splunk to send the data to the log solution.


Choose Data to Send to Logstash / Splunk

Once you set up the endpoint, you can choose which log data you would like to send to Logstash / Splunk.

  • Navigate to “Tools -> Webhooks -> Actions.

Here you can select all actions to be sent to your logging solution or events of interest:

Add Webhook Action
Add Webhook Action Categories

Configure Log Storage Duration

You can also navigate to “Tools -> Settings -> Log Integration to choose how long you want to keep logs in your log solution to save space.

Change Log Integration Settings