Zendesk Connector

Device42 Zendesk Connector

This connector provides you with the ability to:

  • Associate configuration items(CIs) from Device42, including devices, racks, parts, and PDUs, with Zendesk tickets

  • View device type, service level, and serial numbers from Device42 directly in Zendesk

  • Click through from Zendesk to view the CI details in Device42

  • Add Device42 items as a column in custom views in Zendesk

Installing Add-on

To install Device42 for Zendesk sign in to your Zendesk account. Click the gear icon in the lower left, then click the “Marketplace” link. Search for “Device42 for Zendesk” and install the plugin.


In the Device42 for Zendesk app configuration section, enable https if you have it enable in your Device42 instance and enter your Device42 url, without the leading https:// or https://, and enter your Device42 credentials, encoded in base64.

Connector configuration

Creating Encoded Credentials

To encode in Windows, create a text file that has your username and password in “username:password” format and save as unencodedfile.txt. Then from the command line, type:

Certutil unencodedfile.txt encodedfile.txt

After this you can open encodedfile.txt in Notepad and copy the line between “Begin Certificate” and “End Certificate”.

In linux, to create the encoded credentials from command line type:

echo -n ‘username:password’ | base64

Using the Connector

Once the plugin is installed and you’ve entered credentials it’s simple to associate CIs from Device42 with tickets. In the ticket view, you will see a Device42 Zendesk Connector app section on the right, and can click “ADD CI”.

Add CI

Next, choose the type of CI you would like to associate with the ticket, and then choose the CI from the dropdown, and click Save.

Choose device

Now you will see the CI you’ve associated as well as relevant information pulled from Device42. Clicking on the link will take you to the CI in Device42.

Device details

View CIs in List View

You can also set a custom view to include Device42 CIs associated with your tickets. To do so, open your Zendesk settings by clicking the gear in the bottom left, click Views, then “add view” and drag “Device42 CI” from the “Columns not included in the table” column to the “Columns included in the table” column.

Device42 CI field

Save your view, and you’re all set! Now when viewing all of your tickets, you will see associated Device42 CIs right in the main view.

List view

Having accurate information available is vital to any succesful IT organization. Device42’s auto-discovery keeps your infrastructure up to date and now with the Zendesk connector your helpdesk will have this information available at their fingertips.