Cloud Services Settings

Device42 includes a new Cloud Services page that you can use to specify external integration settings. Device42 cloud services includes product registration services and EnrichAI Data normalization for discovered data. This information was formerly part of the Global Settings page.

Integration Settings

Select Tools > Integrations > Cloud Services to view the new page. Click Edit to make changes to the Integration Settings.

D42 URL for SaaS apps: – Your Device42 instance’s URL or IP address
Company Name: – You company name
Email: – Your email address
Device42 GUID: – GUID of your Device42 instance (read only)). Click Regenerate Instance GUID at the upper right of the page (in view mode) for a new GUID.
Cloud Connector: – USA or Europe
Cloud Services: – Device42 checks your license and registration status to determine whether Cloud Services are Ready. Contact if your Cloud Services are not ready.
EnrichAI: – You can use this option to disable the EnrichAI integration option if you want. Click disable and then click Save to disable the service. You can enable the service again at any time.