Enterprise Application Dependency Mapping

The Enterprise Application Dependency Mapping module allows Device42 to auto-discover application dependencies and service dependencies on a deeper level throughout your network.

ADM Module Features include:

  • Discover services to services mappings: Device42 can show you which service on a machine/instance is connected to what other service(s) on other machines. With only the services module enabled, this is limited to services-to-machine connections.

  • Automatic app component grouping: auto-add application components based on groupings of services on a server. For example, once we discover different Oracle services running on a machine, those will be automatically grouped together as an Oracle application.

  • Grab the configuration data for major applications: e.g. Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Cold Fusion, IIS and Apache httpd, etc. With this, you are able to see config details (and for some software, the actual configuration file contents) for the applications from within Device42.