Power RC Setup & Existing Job Migration

Converting existing power autodiscovery jobs to the new PowerRC SNMP autodiscovery can be done with the imports/exports tool.

Power (RC) Setup

First, follow the instructions to setup a Remote Collector (RC) here:https://docs.device42.com/auto-discovery/remote-collector/

Migrating Existing Power Appliance Jobs to Power RC

  1. Head to the TOOLS menu –> Import/Export (XLS)

    Export current power autodiscovery jobs

  2. Export the current data for “Add Power Autodiscovery Jobs”

    Download Current Data

  3. Modify the data in cell A1 so that it contains “/api/1.0/auto_discovery/networks” without the quotes:

    Modify data in cell A1

  4. Rename the header in column V from “appliance” to “remote_collector_id”

    Rename header in column V

  5. Delete all of the data under the column V header and replace them with Remote Collector IDs. The IDs can be found by navigating to Tools > Autodiscovery > Remote Collectors:

    Select remote collector to view

  6. Import the file on the same page that it was exported from:

    Re-import the modified XLS on the import/export page

  7. When the data has been imported successfully the jobs will no longer appear under Tools > Autodiscovery > Power (SNMP). The last step is to go to Tools > Autodiscovery > SNMP and edit the jobs to enable monitoring:

    Jobs moved after successful import