Manage Monitored IPs

Manage Monitored IPS

If you add one or more pdu autodiscovery jobs for a given monitoring appliance, the monitoring appliance will store the data for each IP address defined in the pdu autodiscovery jobs. However, if you modify or delete any of these jobs, you may leave orphan IP data on the monitoring appliance. If too many orphan IP’s are left on the appliance, it can affect performance.

If you delete an autodiscovery job, the historical data for each IP in that spec is NOT deleted from the monitoring appliance. That way, if you ever recreate the autodiscovery job, it will reattach itself to the historical data and start polling those IPs again.

However, if you know you will never recreate the job for a given IP address, you should delete that IP from the monitoring appliance.

To do so, navigate to Tools>>Monitoring Appliances>>Manage Monitored IPs…

The purpose of this screen is to show you which IP’s are being maintained on each monitoring appliance.

From this screen, you can select one or more IP’s that you no longer need maintained on the monitoring appliance and select the bulk action “Delete Monitoring Appliance IP’s”. This will delete the data for the selected IP’s from the monitoring appliance.

Removing Discovered Power Units

To delete discoverd power units in Device42, it is important to delete the monitored IPs prior to deleting the power units and/or environmental sensors. To delete the monitored IPs,