What If Scenarios


  1. What If?

What If?

Device42 has a convenient What If section which allows you to plan for the deployment of additional devices into racks or for the migration of devices into racks. The What If section will allow you to add one or many devices to racks and Device42 will take into account the device sizes, and if you’re using the power monitoring add-on, the amps and power supplies per each device to help you distribute the new devices to racks.

This section can be found under Tools>Templates & Bulk Operations> What If.

In the first section of the What If page, fill in the number of devices as well as their size, amps, and the number of power supplies per device. If entering multiple devices in different sizes, click the “Add” button to add a new line to enter a different device size.

Devices to be added

In the next section, choose whether you would like Device42 to add these devices to a building, room, or specific racks. Here, we’ll choose racks. Enter part or all of the rack name(s) in the “Available Racks” section to see which racks you would like to select.

Choose racks to add to

After you have chosen which racks or rooms to add the devices to, click the “What If” button and Device42 will calculate where devices can be added according to available space and power, and will display the results.

Added Devices