Device – Virtual & Blade

Brief Description for Virtual and Blade type Devices

For virtual devices, you can choose which host it belongs to, and other properties like CPU. Memory, OS, and IP Address can be entered as described previously for physical devices.

VMware Notes vs. Device Notes

Notes that you add to a VMware virtual device outside of Device42 appear in the Hypervisor Description field on the device view and edit pages. (If the VMware virtual device does not have notes, the field does not appear.)

Note that the Hypervisor Description is separate from the Device Notes field that you use to add or edit notes within Device42.

Blade Device

A blade device is subtype of physical devices. You can choose the blade hardware model here, who supports it, etc. You can choose the Host Chassis for this blade and a slot number as well. The other fields are similar to those discussed above in the device tab.