Device – Other Tab

Other Tab

device other tab

The Other Tab includes:

  • Device URLs – see below
  • Power Unit (PDU) Ports – see below
  • BIOS info – BIOS version details
  • Patch Panel Ports – see below
  • Device direct connection – see below
  • Custom Key / Values – create and store custom attributes
  • File Attachments – attach files associated to this device
  • Power Monitoring – see below

Device URLs

device URLs on other tab

Device URLs enable you to create links associated to the device.

The following variables can be used:
{{}} = device name
{{device.serial_no}} = serial number associated with this device
{{device.asset_no}} = asset number associated with this device

See also – How to video adding links and other URLs

Ports in PDU

ports in PDU

If this device has associated PDU ports, the ports would be shown here.

File Attachements

Uploaded File Attachements

Any files you have uploaded and/or associated with this device will be shown here.

See also – managing patch panels and switch ports in Device42